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Uses of Dowsing

Dowsing is Pathology of all sciences.

  1. FRESHERS : To learn new science, and how to apply this knowledge to serve the society and common Person.

  2. VASTUSHASTRA EXPERTS : To check vastushastra problems in residence, bed rooms and office rooms, construction of the building, surrounding environmental level, Visible troubles, Invisible energy problems and the percentage of the natural positive energy of the location.

  3. WATER DOWSERS : To identify the water level beneath the ground, quantity, its quality & taste of water.

  4. DOWSERS : How to use Pendulum and how to get answers of various questions. One of the most remarkable discoveries of pendulum diagnosis is that it can give advance warning of an illness. Dowsing for Residence, Offices & Factories. Can use for Family matters, Health, Education, Choosing Career stream, Selection of Business.

  5. DOCTORS : To find out root cause of the disease, to select the suitable medicine & To identify the quality, quantity of the dosage. Also to find out the reason of incurable disease.

  6. ASTROLOGER : To know the strength of the planets in the Horoscope.

  7. CIVIL ENGINEER & ARCHITECTURE : To identify the quality of the construction, How to find out the answers of unpredictable land problems & hurdles in construction.

  8. GEOLOGIST : To examine the soil energy, radiation and many other purposes for their day to day work.

  9. GEMOLOGIST : To examine the quality of Precious & Semi Precious Stones. To identify the correct stone which is beneficial to user.

  10. HOMEOPATHY PRACTITIONER : To select the correct medicine, potency & dosages of medicine. How to make compounds

  11. NATUROPATHS : To identify the correct treatment method (Yoga, Diet, Mud therapy, Meditation, Steam bath, Fasting, Exercise, Massage, Hydro therapy, Acupressure, Magneto therapy etc.) Suitable for the patient with the help of Dowsing science

  12. NUMEROLOGIST : To identify percentage of the power of Names & Numbers.

  13. REIKI & PRANIC HEALING PRACTISIONER : To check the chakra levels, distance healing & flow of symbols through Dowsing.

  14. PSYCHIATRIST : To check the patient with the help of pendulum and ask questions to identify the correct Mental status

  15. PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS ADVISORS : To guide and suggest most beneficial profession and percentage of sucess for Name, fame, prosperity and honour in the Society.

  16. Social and family Advisors : Dowsing is the only science can guide in spiritual, Mental, Emotional illness as well as marital problems and find out actual short fall and suggest proper solution.

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