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Frequently Asked Questions from previous SIDG participants

What is SIDG?

SIDG or School of Indian Dowsers & Geomancy is an organization for research and development of different Dowsing techniques, Pseudoscience. The research is specifically based on Black Streams, Geopathic Stress and everything that affects a natural body. SIDG is the only official Dowsing organization in India.

What do your beginner courses offer me?

Courses are of practical nature and offer the student a chance to look at the world around them in a new way and use dowsing techniques to help them in their every day lives. You can use your dowsing skills to help with most aspects of your life, health and well being.

For whom are the courses designed?

The dowsing beginners course is designed for new learners. No previous knowledge or experience of dowsing is required. The course is ideal if you have an open mind and wish to embark on a new area of discovery.

The dowsing for health course: To enroll in the Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress course, you have to reach an intermediate level of dowsing or completed the dowsing for beginners course. These courses are designed especially for people with all experience levels.

What can I achieve by completing the course?

After completion of the beginner course, you should have achieved intermediate skills in dowsing. You should be able to use your dowsing skills to help in several day-to-day situations. Students may also use dowsing to assist them with their job or any special interests they may have. Students who want to gain more deep knowledge of Earth Energies can go on to take the Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress course. If you have a special interest in health, the Dowsing for Health course will interest you.

What kind of progression routes are available?

After completing the beginners courses, students can enroll in specialist dowsing courses and events. It is recommended they should join a local dowsing group to gain valuable experience and further knowledge. As most of our courses are core-curriculum courses, on successful completion you will be able to enroll in more advanced courses.

You could also take specialist courses to run your own business such as Business Counsellor, Career Counsellor, Geopathic stress consultant, Health consultant, Water dowser/driller.

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