Lecher Antenna Certification Course

Lecher Antenna Certification Course allows you to specialize in various environmental inspections using the Lecher Antenna. BY SCHOOL OF INDIAN DOWSERS & GEOMANCY.

The Most Reputed 3 Level Training Organisation at Mumbai in India & Globe

Lecher Antenna Workshop conducted by Prof. Ravi Vaidya.

World’s Best Energy Detection Instrument.  We are teaching by Scientific way, hence not applying any charged water, Vibooti, Rudrakash, Gomati Chakra, Mantra Tantra etc. in Lecher Antenna Workshop.

Ernst Lecher discovered the principle of measuring energy in 1890. The Lecher Antenna was developed by a group of German physicists in 1975 based on Dr. Lecher’s principle. In ancient days, “Intuition” is only the way to find the body vibration. It cannot be proven. But now there is an instrument measures the Energy fields surrounding the physical body. To determine Aura and surrounding energy, the physical health of clients, all fields, that is organs, parts of the body, diseases in the body having different frequencies. The energetic field should properly center with our physical body. The mis-alignment causes into mental discomfort and suffering. It leads into nervousness, lack of energy, tiredness even after a complete rest, Sorrowfulness, Uncontroled emotions, fearfulness towards troublesome situations. If the energetic and physical body alignment is corrected then you can recover your full potential, healthful sleep, able to face properly personal situations, attain your goals, turned to the right changes & will get Love, progress, Prosperity, Health, Satisfaction, Empowerment, Money, Happiness in your VASTU.  Are environment surrounded to your body at their favorable point of your physical body?

There are four fields surrounding your body the thermic, magnetic, electric & chromatic.


Thermic fields relates to the heat surrounding the body. If the magnetic field is inside the thermic field, your creativity will spoil. The magnetic field relates to the body(-) principle. If the electric field is inside the magnetic field, if you do not have creativity in mind then you can’t take any action. Even you can’t have desire to do that action. The electric field relates to the body (+) principle . The chromatic field is too close to your body even you are unable to overcome your discomforts and diseases. If this field far away you can overcome the sickness and can heal your body. Chromatic fields relates to the mental & spiritual body. In the sessions: you are taught how to fix your own energy.

The principle of Lecher’s wire Lecher Antenna is based upon Nano Technology. This technology used in atom level. It is a micro million minute but most powerful technology. By this technology, with a small space, or thing we can do many things. As per this theory our Lecher antenna is functioning. In a small size we can do many more things with the antenna. It is more an attempt of explanation of an absolute truth. It highlights the sinusoidal way of the electrical current with bellies of tension and nodes of intensity. Any metal conductor in the space constitutes an antenna, which collects and emits at least half of what it collects. The Lecher antenna corresponds to a closed line with the one of its ends. The position of the cursor will give a specific indication: With a generator of Gigahertz, emitting in the cent metric waves, the correspondence on the antenna of Lecher can be checked. The cent-metric scale of the antenna also makes it possible to appreciate harmonies with organic resonance in the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body, thanks to the antenna of Lecher, is able to select information with the lower part of the electromagnetic background noise, which does not allow the apparatus, measurements objectify subliminal.


  • To identify vastu defects & harmful vibrations most accurately in building and apply perfect remedy.

  • To identify Geopathic stress, Harmful Water streams for human being.

  • To identify Hartman & Curry grids & crossed Veins.

  • To identify the exact treatment & medicine.

  • To identify and give proper benefit and healing treatment thru various therapies and shastras.

  • To improve peace & happiness in family.

  • To identify the obstacles in Career & Business.

  • To identify the Harmful energy of the electronic & in electrical equipments i.e. Microwave & TV.

  • To identify the Beneficial energy  & quality of  the specific Precious & Semi-precious stones.

  • To identify the drinking water flows & its water quality in the soil.

  • To check the EMF and its effect on human and Precaution & Prevention of diseases.

  • To improve the energy level of Human, Plants, Products etc.

Usages for various professionals:

Dowsers, Aura Analylist, Psychiatrist, Vastushastra Experts, Water diviner, Doctors, Homoeopathy Practitioner, Naturopathists, Numerologist, Reiki & Pranic Healing, Geologist, Acupuncturist, Astrologer, Civil Engineer & Architect, Gemmologist.

Two Days’ Training Programme (Step by Step Practicals and Site Visit)

  • How to Handle the Lecher Antenna & How to Grip the Lecher Antenna.

  • How to Scan thru Lecher Antenna of Human, Living place, Land, Product.

  • How to Measure Environment Level.

  • How to remove the problems in the living area & Health.

  • How to treat the Person using Lecher Antenna.

  • How to rectify & get energy in the Residence, working place.

  • How to Measure Body Level and Organs.

  • How to do self-healing.

  • How to remove the Negative Vibrations.

  • How to do the Distance scanning of Human & living places from Workshop Place to Residence.

  • How to do the Distance Healing through Lecher Antenna.

  • How to clear out the diversity and bring Harmony & Peace in Family.

  • How to Measure various Products.

  • How to cleanse the Lecher Antenna.

  • How to do very perfect detection of any material.

World’s Best Energy Detection Instrument  - Lecher Antenna (For Living / Working place, Human Health, Nature & product Testing & SlideShow Presentation & Practicals) Training Workshop and open Land inspection. Successfully conducted 13th Batch in 2016, the workshop was totally a house-full.

Prior registration necessary. Fees : Rs. 20,000 including Lecher Antenna and its Manual with Lunch, B/F, Tea. issuing Certificate of Excellence - Cosmic Energy Lecher Antenna Training Workshop.

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