Advanced Dowsing Course (Certified Dowser)

Advance Dowsing Course prepares you to work as a professional Certified dowser.

This is unique Workshop in India. Perfect Training of Map Dowsing, Dowsing for Vastu, Vastu Fault (Bhoomi Dosha Nidan Chikitsya), Health problem due to location cause disorders, Harmful Water, Geopathic Stress and Black Streams. Dowsing for Selection of Gems, How to find Positive and Negative Impact of Pyramids  on human being and why Pyramids should not use below sleeping places or in Bed. View Syllabus for more details.

ADVANCED DOWSING (Certified Dowser Course) will be conducted after every 3 months of Basic Dowsing Workshops.

You never get this type of perfect Practical Training anywhere in World.

Practical Training will be given using Advanced Dowsing Technique and Charts for complicated cases. Map Dowsing for Profession, Education, Career, Missing Person, Logo Selection, Company Name Selection, and vastu Selection. All students must attend Site visit. Training and Application of L Rod for Water finding will be taught. How to trace Geopathic Stress and how to use remedies to protect human being from various harmful veins of geopathic stress, How to detect Vastu Energy & Vastu Fault in depth.

Fees: Rs. 7900 including Advanced Dowsing kit.

Every student must attend site visit.

How to apply remedies on Vastu, Geopathic Stress and Black Streams, health threatening properties.

Workshop timing 9.30 to 5 pm. and Site visit at 5 to 7 pm.

Certified Dowser Certificate will be issued after completion of Advanced Dowsing Workshop.

Workshop in Mumbai city is in English / Hindi in both medium.

Advanced Dowsing workshop will be conducted in lectures and practical.