Certified Advanced Dowsing Course

Certified Advance Dowsing Course prepares you to work as a professional dowser.

This is unique Workshop in India. Perfect Training of Map Dowsing, Dowsing for Vastu, Health, Water and Geopathic Stress. Dowsing for Selection of Gems, How to find Positive and Negative Impact of Pyramids. View Syllabus for more details. You never get this type of perfect Practical Training anywhere in World.

CERTIFICATE COURSE OF ADVANCED DOWSING (Certified Dowser Course) will be conducted after every 3 months of Basic Dowsing Workshops. Practical Training using Advanced Dowsing Technique and Charts, Critical Map Dowsing, Site visit for Use of L Rod Training for Water finding.. Actual finding of Geopathic Streess and how to use remedies for geopathic stress, Vastu Energy & Vastu Fault, , 


Fees: Rs. 7080 including all kit and Breakfast, Lunch & Tea.

Workshop timeing 9.30 to 5 pm. and Site visit at 5 to 7 pm.

Workshop in Mumbai city is in English / Hindi in both medium.

Advanced Dowsing workshop will be conducted in lectures and exercise practicals.

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