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We also provide services alongside training

Supporting Services Provided by School of Indian Dowsers and Geomancy

FOLLOWING DOWSING ANALYSIS (Knowing of What is not Known)


Payment by Google Pay or NEFT (Worldwide service available)

This service is available ON LINE,

Pl call on Mob No. or Send message on WhatsApp No. 9821349038 from 10 am to 7 pm. IST.

Send email on for services.

This Service is available for Indian Citizens and for all other English speaking Nations in the world.

  • Scientific Vastushastra Consultancy and Dowsing Analysis of Flats, Land, big Housing Projects & Factories

  • Geopathic Stress Detection & Land Fault Analysis for Critical Health Problems 

  • Underground Water Finding for borewell or deep well (by Associates)

  • Selection of Office and Factory as per Vastu compliance and Energy analysis thru Dowsing Science

  • Selection of Business and suitability

  • Selection of Suitable Company Name

  • Selection of Company Logo

  • Selection of Business Partner in any field

  • Dowsing Analysis for characteristic attitude of the person for Business -Transactions and dealing in Trade

  • Selection of Education and decision marking for faculty and branches 

  • Selection of Career for Students who just completed education  (In Service or in Business in various field)

  • Political suitability Analysis for Political career

  • Suitable Gems Selection for Individuals (by Scientific way and not on the basis of Astrology)

  • Selection of Website name and Website colours by Dowsing Analysis

  • Colour selection of Labels and Products for Indian and Multinational companies by Dowsing Analysis

  • Dowsing Analysis for Marriage Suitability of Girl and boy on the basis of Education, decision making, Temperament, Sex, characteristic attitude and Monetary status by Scientific way and not on the basis of Astrology)

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