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About Us

A Fantastic Learning Experience

School of Indian Dowsers & Geomancy or SIDG is an organization for research and development of different Dowsing techniques, Pseudoscience. The research is specifically based on Black Streams, Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Field,  Vastu (your safe and Happy home) and everything that affects you and your family and surrounding. SIDG is only Prominent Dowsing Training organization in India, which conducts Beginner’s and Advanced Dowsing Workshops.

You can quickly become competent dowser after doing our courses.

If you can already dowse, but you want to excel in it professionally with Certification, learn more techniques or simply find more and more ways of using the skill, these courses are for you.

We firmly believe our Professional Training Workshops offer the most comprehensive and carefully structured dowsing training in India. To encourage the study and enhance the knowledge of dowsing in all its forms among all of you.

SIDG courses are led by our acclaimed and inspirational Principal Dowser, This means you are taught by Excellent Expert dowser with practical, current experience in their highly specialist fields of health, water divining, earth energies & environmental healing.

While recognizing there are many ways to learn dowsing, we are confident in our claim to take you from complete beginner to expert level in your chosen field. Dowsing responsibly, in a safe and suitable environment, at your own pace, SIDG courses are the essential tool to help you complete your development into an accomplished dowser.

SIDG popular dowsing courses are ideal for the novice or complete beginner, providing a thorough overview of the possibilities of dowsing, plus techniques and tools.

Dowse for the location and nature of earth energies and appreciate the need and importance of matching human use with the intrinsic and cultivated energies present in any site.

Understand how to select a healthy site for living/working and identify geopathic problems. Know how to develop the skills necessary for successful identification of Geopathic Stress and the use of basic techniques to effect healing.

After completing the beginners courses, students can enroll on Advanced dowsing courses. It is recommended they should join a local dowsing group to gain valuable experience and further knowledge. As most of our courses are core-curriculum courses, on successful completion you will be able to enroll advanced courses.

Earth Energies Dowsing (Advanced Course)

To give deeper understanding and applied experience of the integration of earth energies, land form, harmonic geometry and astronomical alignments in the design and construction of sacred spaces.

By the end of the workshop you will have a confident understanding and expertise of assessment and treatment of Earth Energies.


You can confidently run your own business such as : Geopathic Stress consultant, EMF Consultant, Health consultant, Water dowser/driller, Expert Vastu or Feng Shui Consultant, Reiki Master, Healing Expert, Certified Dowser

SIDG provide an excellent first step in the development of dowsing skills.

One of the fascinating things about dowsing is that virtually everyone can do it, provided they are prepared to suspend disbelief, it has proven this numerous times in classes under the roof of School of Indian Dowsers & Geomancy. Many people experience a dowsing response right away, and are enthralled with their success.


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