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Dowsing for Health

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

An extremely powerful method of alternative health care

The earth’s radiations (Geopathic Stress and harmful water flows) have a profound effect upon us, even though we usually quite unaware of them. Our bodies are currently subjected to levels of pollution never before experienced. We are exposed to chemical pollution in our water, soil, foodstuffs and manufactured goods, and are surrounded by a complexity of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

We are also exposed daily by Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) means all sorts-microwaves, television sets, radio set, computers, wi-fi & Wireless, and Mobile Antenna etc. at factory/office and at homes and also surrounded by underground and overhead power lines, mobile phone masts, transport systems, hospital equipment,

These EMFs are becoming more and more worrisome as our use of technology increase. Thirty years ago very few houses contained a colour television, Microwave, and Mobiles. Our office environments have changed dramatically due to latest electronic devices compare that with today. All these factors contribute to a compromised immune system and the subsequent imbalances in our body that result in lethargy, ill health and disease.

Some studies show Radiations links to Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a variety of cancers, miscarriages, depression, headaches, Migraine, and chronic fatigue.

The human immune system is also suppressed by continued exposure to EMFs. No one knows what constitutes a safe level of exposure. Avoidance, wherever possible, is the only sensible policy. In this technological age, complete avoidance is impossible and unrealistic, but there are things we can do to reduce our exposure. We can test our homes with a pendulum or Lecher Antenna Instrument and carry out analysis to see if any harmful earth radiation is affecting us, if YES, it is essential to rectify it on urgent basis.

Radiesthesia and Radionics (Dowsing of Health) are the only ways to diagnose these types of disease as most illnesses are caused by mental and spiritual stress also. Most doctors around the world still concentrate on the symptoms and ignore the underlying cause. Even doctors who take psychology into account are still ignoring the mind and spiritual side of our beings. Fortunately the pendulum can measure the body as well as mind. The etheric body provides energy and the life force to our physical bodies. The emotional body expresses and responds to our emotions. The mental body contains our mind and enables us to think. A blockage in any of these subtle bodies can create illness in the physical body.

  1. The physical body is healed by doing healing to the person’s health.

  2. The etheric body is healed with plenty of fresh air, moderate exercise, sufficient rest, and deep breathing. 

  3. The emotional body is healed with creative activity and helped with pleasant music, happy surroundings, agreeable companions, and fresh air.

  4. The mental body is healed with positive affirmations. Disease in the mental body is caused by too many negative thoughts. Affirmations are an excellent method of bringing our mental bodies back into balance.

The Seven chakras are energy centers that communicate between the physical and subtle bodies. They are subject to blockages and over and under-stimulation due to stresses, strains, and conflicts which we all experience. We can read the level of these tensions with a pendulum and then restore the chakras.

Geobiologists believe that there is a network of grids of radiation that covers the entire earth. They are able to sense these grids by dowsing, and claim to treat illnesses by moving the patients beds away from these grids. Underground water creates what is known telluric radiation. If a number of these streams cross each other, the harmful effects are magnified.

Obvious the terrain is only one factory in the causes of cancer, but most researchers feel that harmful earth radiations play a major role in a number of illnesses. These include sterility (in men or women), rheumatism, arthritis, tuberculosis, lumbago, goiter, headaches, fibrositis, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and some types of asthma.

Animal : Earth rays have long been known to affect animals as well as humans. Anywhere that sheep lay down to sleep was considered a safe place to build a house. Dogs, horses, cows, pigs, and mice also tend to avoid these rays, bees, and ants like them.

Trees and Plants : Trees can also be divided into two groups. Oaks, firs, plums, cherries and peaches all thrive on earth rays. Apples, pears, beeches, ashes, and all nut-bearing trees avoid them. Asparagus, mushrooms, mistletoes and many herbs are examples of plants that seek the rays, Roses, sunflowers, lilies, azaleas, cucumbers, celery, and onions all avoid them.

One of the most remarkable  discoveries of pendulum diagnosis is that it can give advance warning of an illness in physical body as well as diagnose mental and spiritual illnesses through Dowsing Science.

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