Current ONLINE Basic Dowsing Workshop. Batch  No. 170. Registration Open
ONLINE Basic Dowsing Workshop
31st Jan & 7th Feb. 2021 at 3.00 to 7.00 p.m. (Two days)
Now Registration is open
Next Online Workshop Batch No. 171 on 28th Feb & 7th March, 9.30 am to 1.30 pm (Two days)
Now Registration is Open

An Introductory Basic Dowsing Course that teaches you how to perform dowsing activity.

This is unique Workshop in India. Perfect Training of Map Dowsing, Dowsing for Vastu, Health, Water and Geopathic Stress. Dowsing for Selection of Gems and Colour, How to find Positive and Negative Impact of Pyramids. View Syllabus in detail at the end of this page. School of Indian Dowsers & Geomancy has maintained its standard to give high degrees of Practical Training in World.

Workshop in Mumbai city.  Medium is in English / Hindi / Marathi.

You will get Booklet and Charts as per your choice. if you attend Hindi medium workshop, you can ask Marathi or English booklet and charts instead of Hindi booklet & charts. You have to inform your choice of material at the time of registration.

ONLINE Dowsing workshop will be conducted in lectures exercise, and practical. Syllabus portion will be taught ONLINE.  Home work will be given after completion of Workshop.

Back support will be available after completion of workshop by WhatsApp, email.

and by phone at 7.30 to 8.30 pm at night except Saturdays & Sundays.

Practical exercises on Human Energy, Bio-metric Calibration (Selection of Academic & Vocational excellency), Colour Selection, Uses of Percentage Chart, Period Charts, Seat of Disease Charts, Gems selection, Vastu Energy charts, How to select Land for Factory. Vastu and Energy Fault in Residence or Plot, How to detect Geopathic stress & black stream, and its impact on human bodies. This all practical will be covered in Basic Dowsing Workshop.

You have to send message for Registration on  these nos. 9821349038 / 9821380289.

After register your name, you will receive Bank details.

Fees : Rs. 5000/- (You can make payment by Money Transfer by NEFT /IMPS or Mobile Banking.

Material : Dowsing kit- Pendulum, stationery, Dowsing Article Booklet, Dowsing charts, Vastu Charts, Colour chart & related material, This all includes in Fees.

Dowsing Kit, Pendulum and Stationery will deliver to your residential address.

Certificate of Participation will be issued.

(Keep ready 2 p/p size coloured photographs, one photo to be used in workshop and other one for Registration Form.) You have to make arrangement of one chair and one table with proper light system for good visibility.

School Base: Matunga East, Mumbai, India.

Coaching is on ZOOM Online platform .


  • Introduction of Dowsing

  • Uses of Pendulum Dowsing

  • How to operate Instrument - Pendulum.


  • Answer Chart - Yes / No

  • (Practical uses of various Charts)

  • Biometric Radiation (Brain Calibration) Chart

  • Colour Radiation & beneficial colour of the  Person

  • Percentage Chart for various purpose

  • Number Radiations Charts

  • PERIOD CHARTS - Hour Radiation, Days of Week, Date Radiation, Month Radiation, Year Radiation, Interval of period Radiation

  • Disease Radiation (Seat of Disease Chart)

  • Natural Vitamin Charts

  • (Display of Various Gems & Pyramids,

  • How to analysis energy of Various Pyramids,

  • Gems Chart & how to take energy and vibrations of various Gems.

  • Information of various Pendulums.

  • VASTUSHASTRA (For Healthy & Happy Home)

  • How to take Vastu and open land Vibrations.

  • How to detect Directional Problems of Vastu. How to apply charts

  • Human troubles Chart, how to identify Human troubles,

  • How to detect Human troubles, invisible Power by Charts, how to apply remedies.

  • Vibrations of Door and Center part of Residence,

  • How to analysis Factories, Offices  and working place vibrations

  • Dowsing for Water.

  • Alphabet Indicator Chart

  • How to draw charts for our own use.


  • Practical Findings of - Negative Energy, unhealthy & Faulty Land, Water Streams, Geopathic Stress,

  • Difference between Black Streams & Geopathic stress

  • Questions & Answers in short.

  • (Introduction of Advanced Dowsing Workshop & Site visit & Practical)

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